Our Story

Galerie Hathout was established in 1948 in Cairo, Egypt. The business quickly thrived by offering only the highest quality of 100% Egyptian cotton luxury products. Passed on from one generation to the other, Hathout company has proudly become a prominent representative of Egyptian cotton beddings, serving clients from all over the world. At the heart of our business, we focus our collection on the variety of its designs and on the quality of our high thread count Egyptian Cotton. Our intricate embroidery and workmanship bring the fabrics to life.

Our first branches Down Town have become a landmark in Cairo’s busiest and oldest retail district. We have a large showroom in City Stars which is Egypt’s most prominent mall and hotel project. In addition, we are located in the heart of Cairo’s finest hotels overlooking the Nile at the Ramses Hilton shopping center.

Most recently, we are proud to have opened our newest branch in Egypt’s most distinguished upscale shopping mall. The First Mall, Four Seasons is the most exclusive Mall offering the most luxurious products in Egypt, and we are proud to be a part of it.

These designs were made to be passed on from one generation to the other. Timeless, simple and elegant.

Geometry is a sacred language. Proportions, angles and distances govern our universe. Prevalent in nature, the cosmos, art and architecture, these shapes put our minds at ease.

Inspired by nature these designs add color to your house. Flowers and leaves are welcoming symbols adding a sense of prosperity and fertility to our lives.

World’s Finest Cotton

This product is made with the finest Egyptian Cotton. For thousands of years, Egyptian Cotton has been synonymous with excellence, Gallerie Hathout has carried on with that tradition.
Egyptian Cotton is formed from the rich soil besides the Nile River. The unique conditions of the Nile River Valley are unmatched anywhere, creating the world’s finest cotton.